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GladysOnTour from Jean and John
Lastest trip on Polarsteps

Gallery photos more to be added as we go around Europe / World.

Gladys on tour is a travel blog following Jean and John Reynolds  ( see About Us for more) as we travel around Europe ( World) in a motorhome called GLADYS.  (after Jean's Mum who loved to travel)  We left the UK  22nd July 2018 and back in December. Belgium, Germany  France, Spain and Portugal. The Norway trip starting in Holland and then Germany for a minor roof repair back in UK August 2019. We left  in September for Croatia and Spain until March 2020.  Baltic done 2020 oct nov. 


After the 2021 lockdown we tour for 100 nights all over the UK. We had our flu vaccine and came to Spain via France Tunnel back booked for the 18th Dec.


We hope to go to Greece in 2023 with about 5 months away in the summer this year.


We hope to travel all over Europe.  We plan not to use camp sites but wild camp when we can. The van has been setup to give us the possibility of long periods between camp sites. Double lithium battery, 165W solar, also a 200 w portable solar, AluGas 22Kg and 2000w inverter auto switch. DC to DC charger.  Raspberry Pi to monitor the system. 110Lt water and underfloor heating. 2 Black water tanks. Folding Tandem Cycle in the Garage which has now a 250W front electric wheel.
Trips so far on Polarsteps
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