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German Christmas Markets

A few Christmas markets visited in Germany without snow tyres. Also a visit overnight stop in Gutersloh and a visit to the couple we used to live with 40 years ago.

Aachen 50.7454, 6.10806

This was the first one and we stopped in the park and ride car park overnight. Lovely cathedral in the city and a nice market.

Koln 50.9627, 6.98325

We stopped on the aire to the north of the city and walked into the city. 5 markets spread around the city and some nice food and drink in the 700 year old Bruhous. Also a fantastic cathedral.

Kempen 51.3669, 6.40898

We stopped on the edge of Germany for 2 night on the aire and the market was on the Friday night. I little wet but the bratty ok.




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