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Ready for Nordic.

Decided if we are going away for a year into Europe for a year into Nordic and all over we need new tyres. Looked at all makes and decided to go Michelin Agilis CrossClimate 225/75 R16 R (118), 8Ply, M+S Stamped.

I checked the pressures with Michelin. We are on 4 Bar front and 4.5 Bar rear. 0.5 low!

Thank you for contacting Michelin customer care. Regarding to your query about motorhome tyre pressure.

You will be able to find the correct tyre pressure in the owner’s manual of the vehicle or on a sticker which can be found in your fuel cap.

We always recommend following the car manufacturer’s pressure, as the correct tyre pressure is dependent on the vehicle itself, regardless of the tyres mounted.

For your Ducato the recommended tyre pressure, provided by your manufacturer is;

Partially loaded:

Front: 4.5 Bar (65,3 PSI)

Rear: 5.0 Bar (72,55 PSI)

Fully loaded:

Front: 4.5 Bar (65,3 PSI)

Rear: 5.0 Bar (72,55 PSI) Here are some safety points to be taken into account when it comes to tyre pressures:

1. Always check the pressures when the vehicle tyres are cold. We consider the tyres as being cold if they haven’t been used for at least 2 hours of it they have rolled less than 3 miles at low speed. If the tyres are not under these conditions they are considered to be hot.

2. When the tyres are hot you should always add 4,4 PSI to the recommended pressure.

3. Please remember - Never deflate a hot tyre!

For more information, please visit: MICHELIN is happy to accompany you on every journey and would like to thank you for your confidence.

Kind regards,


MICHELIN Customer Care Passenger Car & Light Truck Tyres Tel: 0800 031 8802

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