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Well after the 2 ferries and 196 miles we have reached Alta in the county of Finnmark. Finnmark has the largest area and fewest inhabitants and borders the counties of Troms, the artic ocean, the Barents Sea, Finland & Russia! We took a minor road 333 off the E6 to view a glacier, the only one in Europe that goes into the sea, we are told. We saw two lots of reindeer, a couple munching along the road and a herd enjoying someone’s front garden in Talvik! Ariving in Alta at the campsite in the rain.

Then it was the sort of day we expected to have more of up here in Finnmark, 2 degrees but feeling like -2, with sleet, wind & rain. In true Yorkshire style it didn’t stop us, we went to visit the Northern Lights Cathedral, but was closed as was everywhere in town! Pentecost Bank Holiday. However the Alta museum - World centre for Rock was open. Really worthwhile and we braved the elements to walk along its coastline to view the ancient rock carvings. We then found a nice spot with a beach, woodland and tidal Altafjord to spend the night at. Today we hope to get some LPG the last we can get before we hit Sweden again in about 2 weeks time!

Rock Carvings

Northern Lights Cathedral

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