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Cracked Bathroom Sink

The screws under the sink also removed. The mirror had been fitted with double sided foam tape and 9 spots of grey adhesive. Sticky stuff spray was sprayed down the back and wire used to remove car windscreens used to cut the tape.

See below for parts used.

Over about 2 hr the tale was cut back. I also used a hair drier to heat the mirror as its only thin. (3mm) Finally the mirror came away and could be cleaned up and put aside. I had decided to reinforce the new sink with fibreglass matting.

Once this was done the wood base was refitted with double sided tape. The sink top edge also fitted tape to cushion it and re screwed into place.The mirror was refitted with double sided foam tape and some gorilla double tape. Just to make sure it stayed in place on the move. The sink was £125 plus £15 packing and it comes in a BIG box!.. 7 days from Knaus, Jandelsbrunn. DE.

Parts Used.

Wash Sink R14081014 cost £125 plus £15 packing arrived in 7 days.

Mirror R16060254 cost £99.50. This dated Sept 2020

De-Solve-it Sticky Stuff Remover Gel Spray Chewing Gum Label Residue Tar etc...

25m 0.5mm Car Windscreen Glass Cutting Cut Out Braided Removal Wire Steel DIY

Davids Fastglas Glass Fibre Kit Car Repair U-Pol Isopon Fastglass Resin Upol

Double sided tape to put the mirror back.

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