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Alicante 15th Century Towers.

The military architecture is one of the most interesting constructive aspects of the 16th century in Alicante. During this period, the Berber pirates devastated the Mediterranean coasts. The defence of the territory was organized from the construction of watchtowers. The watchtowers mission was to alert the nearest workhouses to the continuous sieges. These towers were built next to the sea and had a military nature. In Alicante, in the rural area named as La Condomina, several fortified houses appeared scattered among the rural paths with their square or rectangular towers. We visited 19 of the towers some just a shell some changed into restaurants or private houses.

We also visited Lucentum Tossal de Manises a Roman city enjoyed its peak between the 1st century BC and the 1st century AD, and the majority of the city's remains bear a Roman stamp.


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