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Barth and Zingst

A short cycle ride from Barth harbour and “Gladys” of 10 minutes took us to the thought provoking fields and monument of the POW Concentration Camp from WW2, Stalag Luft 1. Sad to say but the monument wasn’t the best kept and if it hadn’t been for friends we would have not know about it. A Boulder with a plaque, 4 empty flag poles, a small information board under tree coverage, and long grass, several posts along the lane marking different parts of the camp. Where the main buildings once stood is now a corn field, this had been cut so as far as the eye could see gave us the enormous size of what used to be.

In contrast in the afternoon, we cycled again to Zingst, where after a short walk, finding an interesting photographic exhibition, we climbed aboard the MS River Star for a 2 hour tour out into the Barther Bodden to see Cranes returning to the safety of the Bodden to roost overnight. This only happens for a short period in October and in the Spring as they migrate south/north. As we sat in the chill of the early evening waiting for them to arrive, the light changing over the Meiningen Bridge we were not disappointed.

All too soon it was time to return to the harbour but were rewarded with the most impressive sunset.

Before cycling back the 13.8km in the dark we had German style fish & chips from the harbour fish boat, yummy.


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