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Branscombe, Beer and Budleigh Salterton

Having finding we are low LPG a that their national shortage. We found a station at Seaton with 12% left in his tank. After filling up we parked in Seaton. We decided to walk towards Branscombe as we had our first week of our honeymoon some 46 Years ago. It was a steep walk out on Seaton and fantastic views as we dropped down into Beer. We had lunch and decided to walk to Branscombe and come back to Seaton on the Bus. The views where fantastic as we dropped down into Branscombe. We went to find the B&B long gone but the house is still there. The Bus back was very interesting as the roads are very narrow. All in all a great day out on the south coast.

The following day we decided to take it easy and took a bus to Budleigh Salterton but still did a 4 mile walkup the otter river to the mill at Otterton. Bus back to Exmouth. Great to use OAP bus passes.


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