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Cheddar stopover

We had a few days in Cheddar with a visit by bus to Wells.

The rain stopped, so we packed butties and headed out to Cheddar reservoir. It’s only a 2.2 mile circuit round but some how we managed 7 miles! We dropped down into the lovely village of Axbridge with its beautiful church and King John’s Hunting Lodge, before rejoining the reservoir path and back to site.

Cheddar Gorge day.

A mountain goat day, well that’s what it felt like and my legs this morning think so! Fantastic days walking high up above Cheddar Gorge but returning via the road really gave us a sense of the greatness. All the attractions of the gorge (caves etc.) are still shut due to the pandemic so reasonably quiet in the area.

Wells day trip on the bus.

Wells, the smallest City in England with its relaxing Bishops Palace and grounds, the Cathedral with old and new architecture and the Vicars Close a residential street since 1300 all round off by a fantastic evening out with our friends from Weston.


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