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Cockington and Totnes

Taking a Bus to Torquey and a second to Cockington then .A walk back in time at Cockington Country Park and village with its old cottages, it’s pastures, woods and tiny lanes. We walked back into Torquay via the grounds, lovely day out.

Bus to Paignton then another to Bohemian Totnes! Just loved it, the quirky shops, the buzz of the place, it was market day, antique stalls, foods from around the world, dancing in the street, birds of prey sitting on a wall and the peace and quiet of St Mary’s Church where people have been worshiping for over a thousand years in the site. Sadly the castle has to be booked so only saw from a distance. The island by the river, so peaceful too, but it was cooler yesterday so not many people sitting about watching the world go by.



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