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Eco Tree Lithium Battery's

After 2 pairs of battery’s in 4 years I decide to swop to Lithium Iron Phosphate battery’s. I purchased 2 x 110ah from Ecotree lithium. We installed them before the 2021 trip to Spain. We found the B2B 30A unit only gave around 12A as the fridge too most of the power.

Now in May 2022 I revamped the whole setup. So 165w solar panel via a Victron MPPT, the battery’s refitted with 70mm2 cable down via a big switch to a Victron 2000VA inverter. This feeds back via an NDS auto switch to all the van mains sockets.

2 x Victron B2B 30A units fitted with fan cooling. All the grounds are feed back to the battery’s via 500A Victron Smart shunt. This also monitors the motor battery which has also been replaced. All the Victron VRM bus connections go to a Raspberry Pi so all the info is available on the Victron web portal and can be monitored anywhere via WIFI. As a backup to the solar we now have a portable 200W panel via a PWM controller at the moment.

Power from 2 x B2B is 45A 614W with the fridge on and 59A 814W.

While all this was being done I sorted 2 “T” water leaks behind the panel.

Cost approximate in Pounds.



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