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Kühlungsborn & Bad Doberan

Kühlungsborn an upmarket seaside resort on the Baltic. Good walk along the extensive promenade and pier. With its steam train the Bäderbahn Molli that run to the very up market Heiligendamm with its 5 star Grand Hotel and the oldest seaside spa in continental Europe. Then onto Bad Doberan where it goes along the streets and uptown the station. There is a very impressive Minster from the 13th century.

The Mecklenburg Resort Railway Molli offers something for any train enthusiast. Built with 900mm gauge width, the Molli is among the world's oldest narrow-gauge railways, and like no other mode of transport forges a link between traditional resort culture and modern holiday facilities. The steam locomotive circulates several times a day, chugging nostalgically from Kühlungsborn to Bad Doberan and back: through narrow streets in the Minster town of Bad Doberan, along one of the most beautiful elm tree alleyways in Germany, past the oldest horse racing track on the European continent, through Heiligendamm – the oldest German seaside resort – to Kühlungsborn, the largest Baltic resort in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It takes around 40 minutes to travel the 15.43 kilometres.



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