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Les Fogueres de Sant Joan

Alicante celebrate the start of summer!!

It lasts for days and they have a bank holiday on Monday, the trams run all night and the majority of the roads and streets of the city are closed to traffic!

It’s called The Bonfires of Alicante, also known as 'Les Fogueres de Sant Joan', are held every year from June 20 to 24. During those four days the city has one huge party!

We understand the figurines which appear in every street made of a special paper mache get burnt on Sunday night except for the best one! Representing each district, we understand there are 37 figurines, they stand tall in different parts of the city along with smaller ones made by the children.

Today was the parade of the bands, so music filled every corner with people in traditional costumes.

A firework display on one of the major roundabouts in the city takes place at 2pm, boy it was hot, thousands of people, 29 c in the shade trying to get a glimpse, you could see the ones in the daylight sky, strange!

More parades this evening but after lunch we decided to leave and head back to Gladys.

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Hi those costumes are so lovely and the models are great thank you for taking us to the parade but can fully understand why you decided to make your way back to Gladys heat and noise Ha ha ha take care lolv J xx

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