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Meteora Monasteries

We are in the middle of a heatwave!! We are having temperatures of 40 in the shade with overnights of 25, without air con we are sleeping with all doors and windows open! So you’ve heard the saying “mad dogs & Englishmen”!!!

We’ve come to Meteora!!

Six Monasteries part of the Meteora complex with many more hidden and inaccessible in the rock formations. Over the last few days we’ve been inside 3 taking in views of others from prominent positions. We were up early Monday morning to cycle to the Great Meteora (Transfiguration of Our Saviour), and climb the 270 steps to the entrance perched on the most imposing rock.

We followed this with more climbing to the Monastery of Varlaam.

We then cycled towards Roussanou Monastery where we stood admiring the view before freewheeling down the mountain road back to our campsite and swimming pool.

Today we cycled only a short way to Saint Nicholaos Anapafsas’ Monastery, it’s the first one you come across when travelling from the village of Kastraki where we are staying. The rock here is small and narrow at the top. This influenced the structure so it has several storeys!


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