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Waking up after arriving in the dark we found the Castle View Campsite was beautiful, it has a pool with a nice shallow end for me, loungers all around, new waterfall showers, a restaurant/bar and very friendly staff, so we decided to return after our visit to the Byzantine City.

Walking through the gates by 8.15am it was up hill all the way with lots of steps, an amazing place, photos don’t do it justice. By 10.30 the sun was full on and it was getting to 30c, arriving at the Fort entrance, we made our leave fully intending to return in the cooler evening to climb higher to the top!

Arriving back on site to a dip in the pool and an afternoon of relaxation. As the day went on we both kept looking at the Castle perched high on top of the mountain side! One article said “not for the faint hearted or those with vertigo”, that was it Jean’s get out clause!! So we never made it to the top!!


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