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Plovdiv at 31c was warm after the coolness of the hills! A walk into the “new” town where we had a 3D experience of the stadium of Phillippopolis followed by an underground visit at H & M, amazing!

Walking through the town we came across the statue of Milyo the idiot, at first I dismissed it as one of those people who paint themselves for cash!!

Coffee by the fountains and Town Hall before heading into the Old Town. We had dinner overlooking the City in a restaurant where all the staff looked miserable!

Back to Tsar Simeon Park to watch the “dancing” lights on the lake. We met a Bulgarian family, the 10 year old son’s English was remarkable, he couldn’t understand why we weren’t into football especially given where we live! He asked us how old we were, translating for the father who appeared shocked but then said “go for it”! We didn’t see much of the “dancing” too much chatting but what a pleasure.


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