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Sweden South West

We arrived Sunday evening and went to find the stop over in a Marina at Varberg. Great views of the ship leaving. We then moved to Vänersborg at the bottom of the larges lake in Sweden lake Vänern and after looking round the town moved up onto the Ecopark Halle-Hunneberg and stopped in a car park on the top overnight.

We then went up onto the Dalsland canal to Håverud and had a look at the Aqueduct.

We then found a camp ground further north at Laxsjöns Friluftsgård Camping. We met a couple Kiell and Lotta who recommended a stop in their home town Åmål. We stopped for a couple of days and they called to see us again in the evening. We also met up with Alan who we had beed following on his blog on facebook for some time. Small Home Big Garden since his trip to Canada in the van. We had a great evening. Managed to do some washing as they had free washer and dryer.

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