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Arctic Circle Center

Today has felt like a long trek (180 miles) but to be fair we had a lazy start as it was heavy rain in Trondheim so we did some housework before setting off! We followed the E6 north and made a quick visit to Skatval church (closed) but looked lovely from the road. Continuing north to Verdal where we took a detour to Stiklestad where the church (closed!) marks the spot where King Olav Haraldson died in battle in 1030 and people still flock to each July in pilgrimage. We then followed the RV759 until Steinkjer and again the E6. Slightly further north we took a left and travelled the RV17 all the way round to Grong and the E6 again. The scenery went from Cheshire like farming with hills to Perthshire forests and rivers. After rain all day it has now stopped and looking forward to a quiet nights rest at Trones.

We moved into Nord, Norge this morning and the scenery is getting wilder, lovely. We could even smell the pine trees as we travelled. Lots of roadworks! Now at Laksfossen with its 16-metre drop.

Then we made it to the Arctic Circle centre at 66 deg 33 min north. Snow on the ground some 500 m above sea level but 13 C outside.

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