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We took another ferry from Andenes and stopped at the Troll park. We had a Lovely drive from the Troll car park, down the road 86 towards Finnsnes and then on the E6 and eventually E8 to Tromso. 24 degrees and sunny most of the way but a drop in temperature and a very slight shower late afternoon. We stopped off at a Sami shop, but declined the expensive jumpers and troll fridge magnets that are everywhere!

Arriving here at Tromso camping mid afternoon allowed us time to walk to the Artic Cathedral with its huge stained glass window by Victor Sparre, 23m high. We then walked over the bridge (1000m) into the town, a bit disappointing, but the Hurtigruten was back in port, think we are following it! We treated ourselves to a meal out, a reindeer burger and reindeer stew, very nice too. Wet day on the Sunday so baking and a walk in the woods. We headed east again.


#norway #tromso

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