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Gaudix and Troglodytes

After leaving the Tabernas desert we headed north over the mountain pass and to a Thermal pool in a village at Fuente de Cela, 04880 Tíjola. It was 24c and the air temperature 18c. I has a swim in the crystal clear water. We decided not to stop overnight but instead headed for a couple of nights in Gaudix.

The most interesting feature of the Guadix area is that many of the inhabitants of this large town live underground, about 2000 homes in the southern part of the town, in what are known as cave houses. The jagged ochre terrain and the dazzling whitewashed chimneys and doors of the caves contrast dramatically with the snow-covered peaks of the Sierra Nevada, which loom above. The cave district is signposted on the main street of the town as the "Barrio Troglodyte".

After 2 nights and the boy racers being out until late we headed about 10 km to a large manmade lake for a quiet night. We saw deer crossing the road. All the stops are free and the Gaudix one had water and waste area provided.

Fuente de Cela, 04880 Tíjola


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