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Albac & Remiti (Gladys Mk2)

Heading north into the mountains again we stopped in a lovely house in Albac. Visit to waterfalls and an underground glacier.

We headed for Remeti, in the Bihor area, this small , friendly commune holds a very special place in our hearts.

In 1999 our daughter, a shy, newly qualified Nanny at 18, came here as a Volunteer with The White Cross Mission charity and support from our local church at the time in Holmes Chapel. She came to an orphanage where many children of the Ceaușescu regime had been found. Many will remember the horrific scenes on TV and in the papers.

Yesterday, we had the privilege of “walking” her round via WhatsApp video, something she couldn’t do all those years ago as there was no signal or WhatsApp! We had an amazing time discussing the changes!



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