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Bucharest ( Broken Gladys)

Thursday morning we headed to Bucharest to see a man about our fridge. On the motorway heading towards the City, John was having problems with the gears. We made it off the motorway to some wasteland at 11.20am, where we waited to be recovered. This turned into a long wait, the vehicle eventually turned up, we aired our concerns was the vehicle big enough, but in Romanian style all was good, well it was until 10 minutes before the Fiat Professional dealers on the east side of the city when he was pulled over by the Police! We eventually made the garage at 6.30pm which was closed, we were dumped on the side of a busy 4 lane one-way road overnight!

Long story but Gladys is now at said garage for 3 weeks, we’ve hired a car and continue our travels, just in a slightly different way!


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