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Camping Zaritsi and Tyros

We had a quiet night at the camp site. The next day we got the tandem out.

We set out on a short bike ride to the bay of Tyros just down the road. All good until we left the main road and headed down towards the bay when suddenly we hit a stone and the tyre went sssss! We had spare tyre but guess what the tools were back at the van!! We locked it up to some trees in the hedge and walked into the stunning, laidback, traditional feel bay, except for the few hotels on the front which are run and frequented by Greeks. We walked along, the fish man passed us in his van, shouting as he went so that everyone knew he was there. We had our first proper Greek coffee with its sludge in the bottom, I knew, but John got a surprise!! After a nice lunch in a typical Greek taverna full of Greek men who left on their scooters we had no choice but to walk up the hill back to the bike and walk back to site. Bike fixed, we had a relaxing afternoon!

We had a nice meal in the restaurant on the last night.


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