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Gaudix and Alpujarra

We first visited Gaudix for the night and had a look at the cave houses again. It was a long and winding road and must admit the White villages blurred at times, but, we enjoyed the different scenery and the cold temperatures!! After Juviles we travelled to the top of a “cul de sac”and stayed at Trevelez, the highest village in Spain at 1,476m above sea level. Sunday was a very strenuous day to say the least with a 400m hike up into the Sierra Nevada park , including Jean falling into a “peat” bog! Monday we were woken very early by an artic lorry dumping his load of fire wood next to us! Then road workers turned up with concrete mixers! . Time to go!! Pampaneira; now in the Poqueira Ravine region, lots of water fountains here, managed to rinse my “boggy” trousers and bought some fancy olive oil jugs. Coffee at a Casa before heading off to Orgiva along the hairpin bends, narrow roads and more traffic, the capital of western Alpujarra. We ended up parking under a bridge and although the town has a bohemian feel with many English voices it’s just another town!! I was happy though as he found some breakfast cereal he was nearly out of!! From there to Lanjaron, known as the gateway to the Alpujarra, (trust us to do it backwards)! Of course we hit it at siesta time, had a walk, the famous spa was under refurbishment and we found a coffee shop I was complemented on my Spanish but, came unstuck when asked if we wanted hot or cold milk!

Trevelez Sierra Nevada


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