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Halkidiki Ouzouni Beach

After a drive down Bulgaria stopping at site 1 mile from the border overnight we headed south into Greece to Halkidiki and our site at Ouzouni Beach.

We had a lazy afternoon on the beach, the air temperature was 24c, John went for a swim, said it “wasn’t bad”! We had a walk along the beach in the evening, past various big and expensive hotels.

Up and out cycling by 8.30 this morning, went to have a look at Nee Moudania round the bay, we thought we might get wet, but stayed dry and humid.

Yesterday we took “Gladys” out for a stroll, firstly to Nea Fokea to see the Byzantine Tower, The 12 Apostles Temple and the Holy Water Spring of Apostle Paul. A beautiful, quiet bay, so carm in the morning sun.

From here we moved down the “finger” of Kassandra to the said traditional village of Afitos, with small squares, cobbled streets. We parked at the top and walked down, admiring the nik-nak shops, the tour guide and not much traditional I think!! Apparently in the past the area was so powerful it had its own coinage, today it’s Euros!

It was hot, we walked to the beach and had lunch, another English family came in, nice to chat for a short time before walking up the hill back to Gladys.

It was then a visit to Lidl, a linger in the freezer aisle before heading back to site and a dip in the sea.


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