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Heraion, Corinth Canal and Ancient Corinthos

After Athens we headed towards Corinth but went to stop overnight at a car park overlooking the Ancient port of Heraion overlooking the Gulf of Corinth. The ruins of the temple Herailon of Perachora is the sanctuary of the goddess Hera is next to the beach with a stunning cove. Overlooking it is the light house on the tip of the peninsular. We stopped for the night and had a swim in the sea.

The next morning we headed to the Corinth Canal 4 miles long and 22m wide its water is 8m deep. Constructed in 1881to join the Gulf of Corinth to the Ionian Sea. In the 7th century BC was built an overland portage route called the Diclkos along which ships could be towed across the 4 mile strip of land. Some of this road is still visible and being reconstructed. We watched the subducting bridge go down to let boats pass.

We then headed for a lovely camper stop only 500m from Ancient Corinthos which we waking up to in the afternoon. A very large Archaeological site with the Temple of Apollo and the sanctuary of Dionysos. Also the small temple where Paul preached on his visits in 50/51 AD. (II Cor. 7,4). He settled there for 18 months, teaching the word of God among them. (Acts 18, 2-11) Paul visited again for a 3rd time in 57/58 AD.

The ruins of the temple Herailon of Perachora

Corinth Canal

Ancient Corinthos


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