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Little Texas

We stopped for a couple of nights at a new site called Little Texas. Just being finished off and nice and quiet. We had a couple of walks from the site into the hills. It gave us a chance to see some of the old spaghetti western film sets in the area. Over six hundred European Westerns were made between 1960 and 1978. The Tabernas Desert being one of the locations used. See the video footage from the Drone.

Playa las Palmeras

Moving only 5 km down the coast we found Playa las Palmeras a wild camping place near the beach. We walked to the north one day to a couple of other beaches. The second day we walked south stopping for a coffee in San Juan De Los Terreros and south past the massive apartment building project at Playa la Entrevista by the TM group. Looks like it will be double the size soon. Some fantastic sun rises outside the bedroom window with the cormorant fishing on mass on the edge of the beach.

La Azohía - Mazarrón - Aguilas

After the rain we moved back to the sea. First to a free area on the Playa de la Azohía overlooking the sea with a nice walk along the beach side. Then the next day we moved south to the amazing cliff erosion at Mazerrón. The parking had started to dry out but the police came the next morning and put 4 Hr parking signs up. Having walked to the port we stopped overnight and then came south to Aguilar on the marina at €5 a day. Walked into the town and went to the castle and walked the bay. Playa de la Azohía Cliff erosion at Mazerrón Aguilar


We arrived in Cartagena with the storm Gloria on its way. We booked into a small aire at €10 a night inc electric at the Shell garage about 20 mins walk into the city. It did rain quite a bit but we did not have the wind and snow that others had. We managed to see the Roman Theater Museum with its magnificent theatre built in the late 1st century BC. Then across the main street to the City Hall. We also walked to the peninsular to the north of the city to see the battery built in 1739. Roman Theater Museum City Hall battery


We stoped for free at the IKEA store in car park for 3 nights with over 50 motorhomes. Took the tram into the city. Murcia is a university city in southeastern Spain and the capital of a region also named Murcia. Plaza Cardenal Belluga is the city’s architectural showpiece, where the ornate cathedral, with its mash-up of styles from Gothic to baroque, and the colorful 18th-century Palacio Episcopal. We also visited the casino as well as the cathedral.

Loch Sgioport (B890) (South Uist)

57°19'37.3"N 7°16'27.2"W 57.327029, -7.274227 Visit this parking spot and decided it was a little small only 2 vans. weather was not too good but in the middle of nowhere. #scotland #Southuist #parking

Mosel stopover

49.883830, 6.948941 Moved down onto the Mosel to Wintrich and visited the Mulhimer Markt and by cycle Bern Kasttel-Kues and Piesport with a day trip to Trier shopping. Also first flight of the DJI Air drone. The fair at Mulhimer has a connection to the Graf Zeppelin as it was the wine taken on the airships as it travelled across the Atlantic. Day trip on the tandem to Bern Kasttel-Kues to see the old building and look around the town. Also first flight of the DJI Air Drone. #DJI #Mavic #mosel

Backup and storage in a Mobile home.

Looking to get backups and storage for MP4 video file backup of all the DVD's. Play them on the TV and backup the laptop's. Also Partitioned for photo storage. The Time Capsule fitted with a 3TB drive and an Apple TV box both need 240v to run.The problem is you need 12V and 5V both +-10% and 3.3V for the Apple TV box. The van power is 14V down to 10V. So I built a dual PSU using two 9A DC-DC buck convertors. To give 12V and 5V and a small 3A set to 3.3V. mounted in a black box in the locker. #motorhome #power

Headlamp protectors.

Headlamp protectors fitted with beam deflectors and all fitted silver foil to reflect the light back into the headlight. They are easy to clip on so I have added 2 lines of steel wire 0.6mm fishing line so that they can be tyrap on inside the bonnet.

Engine Oil 2.3ltr JTD Euro6

The Top up engine oil in the manual did not match the spec on line so I spoke to Fiat pro at the 2017 motorhome show at the NEC. They confirmed that the manual was incorrect and the correct oil should be SAE 0W-30 ACEA C2 Spec 9.55535-DS1 for the Euro 6 engine fitted to the Knaus. #knaus #engine #oil

Broken Mirror

Caught the mirror on a post and the protection on the mirror protected the backing but the main mirror motor broke away. I called Fiat and a new one is £230 + Vat. I purchased a 40mm 3mm steel bolt and nut from ebay £1.50. Mounted the motor back on place and rebuilt as good of not better than new. #motorhome #mirror #broken

Locking Wheel nuts.

When to get locking wheel nuts for the 16" alloy wheels fitted with 225 75 16 tyres. I was suppled with 16 mm bolts. I came home to fit them and found all the same shape but 14mm studs are fitted. I took them back only to find that they are for 15" wheels. It would seem that Knaus fitted the Fiat Alloy wheels and it was suppled from fiat with 15" wheels. Or fitted fiat badges to alloys. Part number. DIS 0050901523

Horgabost Campsite. (Harris)

57°51'45.5"N 6°58'39.7"W 57.862632, -6.977698 Horgabost on harri a wonderful site with a great view to Taransay. A sandy beach showers toilets and washing up area. Last visit was 2017 with Gladys. It was wet but still managed 2 nights. £10 a night (2017) No electric. #lewis #Hebrides #campsite #scotland

Port of Ness (Lewis)

58°29'31.4"N 6°13'38.9"W 58.492058, -6.227472 The Port of Ness is at the northern tip on the Isle of Lewis. We wend down onto the harbour for an overnight stop 3 Motorhomes. We had visited Stornaway during the day. #Hebrides #lewis #ness

Gearraidh ma Monadh (South Uist)

57°07'18.3"N 7°23'22.6"W 57.121742, -7.389614 This is a picnic spot on the south of the south island of uist. We stopped 2 nights but did go for supplies and pickup water and empty tanks at the ferry terminal. 6 vans the first night and only 2 the second night. Walked to the local pub. #campsite #free #scotland

Loch Shiaboist (Lewis)

58°19'50.9"N 6°41'38.4"W 58.330807, -6.694000 Loch Shiaboist is a small car park on the north coast of Lewis. Great views out into the Atlantic. #lewis #sea #scotland

Moorcroft campsite (North Uist)

57°30'59.2"N 7°17'06.9"W 57.516441, -7.285259 Moorcroft is a nice site with electric for one night. Hot free showers camp kitchen. But around £25 a night. #campsite #scotland #NorthUist

Baleshare Beach (North Uist)

57°31'31.7"N 7°22'49.2"W 57.525482, -7.380330 Overnight very wet stop over. Very big beach. Would be a good spot if it was was good weather. #NorthUist #scotland #campsite #parking

Mealasta (Lewis)

58°06'23.8"N 7°06'31.9"W 58.106604, -7.108871 The lovely spot on the side of the beach. Very quiet and great views. #beach #scotland #lewis

Bernaray E coast (Bernaray)

57°43'14.9"N 7°09'08.1"W 57.720818, -7.152250 Bernard has a great wide stop over spot at the back of the beach. Plenty of space take care getting on and off not to damage the Macair. #Bernaray #scotland #Beach #campsite

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