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Hoya on the Weser

Stopping off on route to north Germany we travelled all of 50km east from Saarburg to the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park incorporated in this Forest is the Erbeskopf ski resort and plateau at a height of 816m it is the highest mountain of Rhineland-Palatinate. The winter coats and hats have come out! We spent 3.5 hours this afternoon climbing our way to the top, visiting the sculptures and then winding our way through the well signed forest. We also spent time visiting the museum at the visitors centre where we are parked at for tonight at a balmy cost of 4 euros. After that we headed north of Dortmund to Werne An Der Lippe and a car park for the night. The on again the 120km to Hoya on th


A drive further south took us back to Saaburg. One the banks of the river Saar. We walked ito the town and has cake and coffee. Then took the chair lift to the top to overlook the town. The next day we cycled the 26 nile round trip down towards Tier on the backs of the Saar and the Moselle and back. We even found a campsite not on the search for site app. Drop of rain in the afternoon and a BBQ in the evening.

The Eiffel

After a Saturday drive to Felixstowe we took the shuttle to France and drove the 50 km to an aire at Bergues. After a quiet night we headed across north France and into Belguim then into Germany at Aachen. Not a problem and decided to head south to the Eiffel to Gemund a town we visited some 2 years before. We had a fantastic 20 mile cycle ride in the Eifel National Park along the river Urft today, with a view of Ordenseburg Vogelsang, historic museum of a former Nazi castle. A bit hot at times, 26 degrees. Picnic & ice cream by the swimming lake at Rurberg. Bergues Germund

Cracked Bathroom Sink

The screws under the sink also removed. The mirror had been fitted with double sided foam tape and 9 spots of grey adhesive. Sticky stuff spray was sprayed down the back and wire used to remove car windscreens used to cut the tape. See below for parts used. Over about 2 hr the tale was cut back. I also used a hair drier to heat the mirror as its only thin. (3mm) Finally the mirror came away and could be cleaned up and put aside. I had decided to reinforce the new sink with fibreglass matting. Once this was done the wood base was refitted with double sided tape. The sink top edge also fitted tape to cushion it and re screwed into place.The mirror was refitted with double sided foam tape a

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