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Jasmund National Park

On arrival at the park we had lunch and walked to the kings seat and victoria seat. Then down the coast. Have you ever walked the cliff tops and it’s like a roller coaster, up, down and round, well combine that with a huge forest to include tree stumps, rocks, wooden staircases and you have a picture of our walk yesterday to Saasnitz!

Schaproder & Hiddensee

We moved to a camp site at Schaproder so that we could get the ferry to Hiddensee. Up & out on a 45 minute ferry ride yesterday morning to the idyllic island of Hiddensee. The only transport here is by cycle, horse & cart or on foot. There are a very limited number of electric vehicles, such as the police & ambulance & postman. We chose to visit on foot, we see more that way! Schaproder Hiddensee

Barhöft Hafen

If we go any further we will be in the water!! A lovely little marina in an old DDR training area now being modernised into a hotel and holiday accommodation with a stellplatz in the National Park (see photo). The journey here was through very narrow roads, cobbled streets but, we came across a Crane centre with cranes feeding in the field. Apparently they put feed out here for them so they don’t go to the farmers fields! After lunch Walked through the woods to an old look out tower climbing the 102 steps and at 16.9m high had a great view of the Boddens. We then continued our walk through the woods to Utkiek and open fields, John practising his lookout skills, before returning the sam

Barth and Zingst

A short cycle ride from Barth harbour and “Gladys” of 10 minutes took us to the thought provoking fields and monument of the POW Concentration Camp from WW2, Stalag Luft 1. Sad to say but the monument wasn’t the best kept and if it hadn’t been for friends we would have not know about it. A Boulder with a plaque, 4 empty flag poles, a small information board under tree coverage, and long grass, several posts along the lane marking different parts of the camp. Where the main buildings once stood is now a corn field, this had been cut so as far as the eye could see gave us the enormous size of what used to be. In contrast in the afternoon, we cycled again to Zingst, where after a short walk

Ribniz on the Baltic

Driving 50km east to Ribniz on the banks of the Saaler Bodden. We arrived at an aire in the town. Nice market square and church this town is famous for its amber jewellery. We took the bike the next day up the peninsular to Dierhaden, Wustrow, Althaden and Ahrenshooper on the white sandy coast of the baltic. Harbours with fish smokehouses and brewery's. A 50 mile round trip on the tandem. Ribniz Dierhaden Wustrow Althaden

Kühlungsborn & Bad Doberan

Kühlungsborn an upmarket seaside resort on the Baltic. Good walk along the extensive promenade and pier. With its steam train the Bäderbahn Molli that run to the very up market Heiligendamm with its 5 star Grand Hotel and the oldest seaside spa in continental Europe. Then onto Bad Doberan where it goes along the streets and uptown the station. There is a very impressive Minster from the 13th century. Kühlungsborn Heiligendamm Bad Doberan Train


Beautiful Wismar, an Hanseatic city, its well preserved medieval buildings, given UNESCO status in 2002. The town hall/Rathaus and market square covers 10,000 square metres. In the square is Wasserkunst an old well that supplied the town and breweries with water until 1897. Gothic churches, Water gate, harbour, fish & chips, micro brewery and so much more! Church's

Laboe and Schönberg

Driving north past Kiel we arrived on the Baltic or Osteee coast. We parked on a big stellplaz just to the rear of the beach. We had a walk on the beach and watched the kite surfers. Even managed a site in the roofed beach chair to be found all along the coast. (Strandkorb) The following day we took the bike to Laboe and visited the naval memorial tower and the U995 that was saved from the breakers yard. Still very windy on the coast. We cycled the next day to Schönberg and visited the church preparing for the harvest festival. We stopped at the tram museum in Schönberg on the way back. Schönberg Strand Laboe Schönberg


Mölln a little town, beautiful rural landscapes and one of the oldest towns in the county of Schleswig Holstein. Also home to Til Eulenspiegel (jester)! An unknown author wrote the book of his life and travels through Germany and elsewhere within Europe, he died in Mölln in 1350 perhaps a victim of the plague. Before he died he promised he would give his wealth to the church if they would give him a worthy send off! So 4 weeks after his death they opened his heavy iron chest finding only rags, rubbish and cobble stones. I wonder if that is why the area surrounding the church is cobbled!! A place we will return to at sometime.

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